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Calling all Cuckolds, Sissies and Little Dick Losers

Normally I am a very dominant girl but there is just something about a big, fat juicy cock that can bring me to my knees Maybe it's the way it feels in my hands, maybe it's the way my pretty lips stretch around that big, mushroom head or maybe it's the way it fills my pussy, pounds me hard and shoots a load of cum like no other! I am pretty sure it's all of that and more!

If you DO NOT have a BIG COCK then see below

Are you tiny, weak and pathetic. You have no self esteem and a tiny little penis. Girls like me laugh at you, talk about you , run from you but you keep coming back. Are you addicted to the humiliation? Just the fact that a hot, young girl like me is giving you attention makes you want more. I know what you do. You sit at the computer, waiting for me to sign on, rubbing that tiny, flaccid nub. Wishing you could fuck my tight, warm pussy.You know that will never happen, but you do know that my sexy voice, as it's humiliating you, will be has to be.

I make fun of you, laugh at you, tell my friends about you. I make you do things, embarressing things. I help make you the loser that you are. You beg me to me mean and degrading. You know it's what you deserve..

Are you a guy that gets off knowing his wife or GF is fucking another guy. The fact that she wants him more than you. Maybe the only way she'll keep you around is if you let her bring home men to fuck. Iy gets you so hard, doesn't it? Her pussy being stretched and pounded by a strangers cock. Maybe you want to join them?

Is it that you love pretty, frilly things? Does the way the satin feels against your sissy stick makes you crazy? Maybe it's your wee little penis. You're too small to be a man, so you have given in to being a sissy slut forever! Sissy boys are SO much fun!

My body, my ass my feet. You worship it all. You love my humiliation, my strapon. You beg for me to take control.....and you surrender it all