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Placing A Call on Sinful Calls Phone Sex

All call packages are $2.00 per minute with a 10-minute minimum.  If you would like to extend your talk time before the call ends, you may do so while still on the original call.  You will see this option in your pop up box along with a countdown clock.

PLEASE NOTE:  When you purchase any length call package, you are charged for the entire block of time at once.  If you hang up on purpose (or even on accident), the remaining minutes DO NOT roll over NOR are they refunded.  So please be careful!

What to do when your call disconnects prematurely

You will need to send an email ASAP to: so we can give you a $1.00 make up package for the remaining time.  Verified Call does not offer the ability to give a 100% free call to make up for the loss, but we can give you the lowest possible rate allowed.