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Dirty Slut Dayna

There she goes again, Dayna the neighborhood slut, the party girl, the girl you warn your sons about getting involved with. HA! That doesn't stop you does it? When your wife's asleep you call and talk dirty to me, then you beg me to come outside and meet you in your car for a beer and a blow job. Then there was the time you spied on me and my girlfriend making out in my bedroom. Yes, I saw you across the way, in your window pounding your meat like there was no tomorrow as I licked her little pussy and fingered her tight ass. I left the curtains open on purpose! How about your wife. Those naughty sexts I send her of my hot, teen body and the sexy stories I write. I see her at her computer rubbing furiously at her clit when she reads them. Yes, you're right I am a slut! I seduce my Daddy, run around naked in front of Mommy, I forget to wear panties under my dress at church and I fuck my teachers at school but I wouldn't change that for anyone! I'm having too much fun! Oh and by the way...It's too late for your sons...*giggles* So, what naughty, taboo phone sex fantasy do you want to do with me? Teen phone sex fantasies, accomplice, age play, role play, incest, forced sex, gang bangs? I have no limits!

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